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May 29, 2011

Check Out The Summer Kitchen (Blue Sky Hill Series) for $5.34

The Summer Kitchen (Blue Sky Hill Series) Review

The Summer Kitchen (Blue Sky Hill Series) Overview

From the author of A Month of Summer, an inspiring new novel in the Blue Sky Hill series about one woman's effect on a struggling Dallas neighborhood.

With her adopted son missing and the rest of her family increasingly estranged, Sandra Kaye Darden is drawn to the little pink house where her Uncle Poppy once provided security. What begins for Sandra as a simple painting project, meant to prepare the house for sale, becomes a secret venture that eventually changes everything.

Cass Blue is having trouble keeping food on the table since she ditched foster care. When Sandra Kaye shows up with lunch one day, Cass has no way of knowing that the meeting will lead to the creation of a place of refuge that could reunite a divided community.

In this moving story of second chances, two unlikely allies realize their ability to make a difference...and the power of what becomes known as the Summer Kitchen to nourish the soul.

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May 22, 2011

Tokyo, Japan (2006) - Jimbo-cho Walking-Tour

Hip-view walking tour of Jimbo-cho and the areas surrounding Sakura Hotel. The are of Jimbo-cho is what made staying in Sakura Hotel so rewarding. Not only is central, the Jimbo-cho feels like a very smart community. The hotel was surrounded by a variety of used bookstores and an equal number of coffee shops to sit and read your books at.